“Ahmed al-Rifai” and the fact kissing the hand of the Prophet

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Ahmad al-Rifai, al-Faqih al-Shafi’i al-Ash’ari al-Sufi, (512-578), nicknamed “Abu al-‘Alamein”, “Sheikh of Methods”, “Grand Sheikh” and “Community Professor”. It belongs to the Rifaiya method of Sufism. And one of the famous mystical poles.

♥Proportion and birth
Abu Abbas Ahmad bin Ali bin Yahya bin Thabit bin Hazim Ali Abu al-Fawares bin Ahmed Al-Murtada bin Ali bin Hassan Minor known as Rafa bin Mahdi Mekki Abu Refaa bin Abi Al-Qasim Mohammed bin Hassan Al-Qasim Al-Maqni Abu Musa bin Al-Hussein Abdul Rahman Al-Razi modern bin Ahmed Al-Saleh Bin Musa the second son of Ibrahim Al-Murtada ibn Musa al-Kadhim bin Ja’far al-Sadiq ibn Muhammad al-Baqir ibn Zayn al-‘Abdeen Ali al-Yazid ibn al-Husayn ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib .

Imam Ahmad al-Rifai was born in the year 512 AH in Iraq in the village of Hassan Balbatih (and al-Kitih several villages in the middle of the water between the provinces of Wasit and Basra), and at the age of seven died his father in Baghdad, He is a religious educator.

Imam Ahmad Rifai grew up since childhood origins of scientific and taking in poring on forensic science, the great Koran studied hymn Sheikh Abdel Samie Aharboni in his village with the age of seven years, and he moved with his uncle, his mother and his siblings to his “River Dvla” from the villages of Wasit in Iraq and insert His uncle on the Imam Faqih Sheikh Abi Fadl Ali Wasiti was read and updated and a high-profile sermon. He withdrew this imam ordered him and his upbringing and discipline and education, Mr. Ahmad Rifai grandfather in the lesson and collection of Forensic Sciences even excelled in transport and mental science, and scored prized on his peers.

Imam Ahmad Rifai haunted the lessons of science councils scientists, it has been haunting studied his uncle, Sheikh Abu Bakr Sultan of his time as scholars had frequented the episode of his uncle Sheikh Mansour Bataiha, and received some science on Sheikh Abdul Malik Aharboni and save his book “alarm” in Shafi’i jurisprudence of Imam Abu Isaac Shirazi and has a great explanation of the explanation, and spent his time in the collection of forensic science of all kinds, and fennel obedience found in worship until he became a scholar and jurist Shafi’i scholar and divine returned to him and Sheikhs politeness between his hands Madboh.

Shaykh al-Jalil Abu al-Fadl Ali, an innovator of Wasit and her sheikh, had permitted Imam Ahmad al-Rifai, who is twenty years old, to take a public holiday with all the sciences of Sharia and the way and the greatest, and his surname is Abu al-Alamein, ie, outward and outward.

In the twenty-eighth of the age of Imam Ahmad Rifai great entrusted to his uncle Mansour Bmsheekhh sheikhs and elders of the corridors attributed to him and ordered him to stay in Umm Obeida portico of his maternal grandfather, Sheikh Yahya Nagara’s father, Sheikh Mansour, who took scientific sponsorship and education since childhood, and there are academic studies confirm that he met with Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani took him and they were in touch and high coordination.


Mr. Ahmad al-Rifai was a Shafi’i doctrine Ashari doctrine reached the degree of diligence absolute was Vqihha updated interpretation was known to the people of his time, and may Allah be pleased with him by the example of humility and refraction and Lin the side and the mercy of people and his compassion on them has been described by Imam Rafie (editor of the doctrine Shafi’i) They were able to make it easy for Muslims to make it difficult for those who are misguided. It was a good attitude. Who was me? Vtri it), and true if the patient committed to the disadvantage of modest

He was going to the sick with leprosy, looking for them and staying with them, feeding them and eating with them, and committing them to medicine and food, then taking their clothes and washing them with the strength of his certainty.

♥His way
The method of Rifaiah to work under the appearance of the Quran and Sunnah, and then take the soul Almgahid and Almkabda, and the multiplication of the male, and reading the roses, according to the guidance of the Sheikh and his guidance, with the need to surrender and control him and obey his orders. The person who wants to adhere to the Qur’aan and Sunnah, then the teachings of the Shaykh, should do what he says of the obligation to the Sunnah, and the approval of the righteous salaf on their condition, and wearing the garment of attrition from the world and the soul. It has become famous for some of the followers of Rifai recently do wonderful things such as playing with snakes, riding black, and entering the flames without burning or affecting them, and others, which are not known to Sheikh Rifai, but developed after his death, To humans and animals, and was most severe and care for stray and sick animals.

♥Teaching people about their religion
Imam al-Rifai, like other scholars working in teaching people the things of their religion found in preaching and guidance and holding the flag until it was a light to enlighten the people in what benefits them, and was not exempt from teaching people guidance of the Prophet and the secrets of the Koran.

He said: “I was in” Um Ubaida “a visitor to Mr. Ahmed Rifai in the gallery and around the visitors of more than one hundred thousand people, including princes, scientists, elders and the public, has He celebrated the food and good human beings to them all the same, and ascended the chair in the afternoon, preaching people, and people walking around him, and ascended the throne on Thursday afternoon and in the Council and preacher Wasit, and the beauty of many scholars of Iraq and the people of the folk, the people asked questions of interpretation and delayed questions from the talk , A group of jurisprudence, a group of assets, and a group of people And another, answered the two hundred questions of various sciences did not change the case of the answer, and did not appear on the impact of sharpness, I was puzzled by his customers, I said and said: Is this enough? If you ask him about all knowledge without answering you, God willing, without cost, Vtbzm said: “Let them father Zakaria ask me before they lose me, the world is gone, and God transforms the situation,” and the people cried and the council beat his family and the noise, and died in the Council five men and the safest of the Sabians Eight thousand men or more and forty thousand men.

♥His writings and heritage
Imam Ahmad Al-Rifa’i has many works, most of which were lost in the position of the Tatars.

The case of the truth with God.
straight path.
Book of judgment explanation explanation (jurisprudence Shafi’i).
Proof Pro.
Meanings of the name of God the Merciful.
Interpretation of Al-Qadr.Glamor.
Special system for specialists.
Ahmadi Councils.
The path to Allah.
Riffa masterpiece.
Book Necklace Gems It is one of the most comprehensive and wonderful books in the history of his biography and biography of his life and his parents were filmed manuscript original copy in this link.
Secrets of Worship.
Imam Ahmad Rifai biography and news .

♥His biography and ethics
Imam Ahmad al-Rifai ordered in the council of his preaching the commitment of the limits of sharee’ah, and warns people of the people of al-Shatah and al-Ghulu and says: “These are the sects of the road, so beware of them.” The owners hated to say the solutions and absolute unity. And ordered them to follow the guidance of Sharia and walk on the way of Mustafa and says: “Follow and do not invent, if I followed the degree of salvation and I became a safety people, and if I was destroyed.”

♥His asceticism and humility
Imam Ahmad al-Rifa’i al-Kabir was modest in himself, and he reduced his wing to his brothers, not arrogant or arrogant, and he narrated that he said: “I have walked all the roads that are connected, so I saw no closer or easier and better than lack, humiliation and refraction. The greatest of the command of God, and pity the creation of God, and the year of your master, the Messenger of God. ” Imam Al-Rifa’i served himself, and used to make up his own debt, and collected the firewood himself and tied it with rope and carried it to the homes of widows and needy and needy people, and provides for the needs of those in need and provides blind people with their slippers, and leads them if people get them to the place they are required to, And he would return to the sick, even if he heard of a patient in a village, even after he went to him and returned. He was blessed with the creation of God, and he loved the orphans. He cried for the poor and rejoiced for their joy.

The sheikhs of the people of his time said: All that happened to al-Rifa’i from al-Maqamat is from the abundance of his kindness towards creation and self-humiliation. Ahmad al-Rifa’i was the greatest scholar and scholar, and he ordered them to be respected and respected. He said: These are the pillars of the nation and its leaders.

♥His generosity, his asceticism and his safety
Ahmad al-Rifai was a shopkeeper from the world, and he did not spare his money. Rather, he did not combine wearing a shirt and shirt, neither in the summer nor in the winter, even though the proceeds of his property were more than the property of the princes. To him, and he was saying: Asceticism is the basis of the sick conditions and the Sunni sanctuaries. He said: My religion is without heresy, and work without laziness, and intention without corruption, and truth without lies, and without hypocrisy.

♥His disciples and associates in the manner
Many of the disciples of Imam Ahmad al-Rifai in his life and after his death until Ibn al-Muhashab said in his book “Wajeeb Wassit”: The number of successors of Mr. Ahmad Rifai and their successors is one hundred and eighty thousand his life, and it is great for God’s superiority on Mr. Ahmad Rifai Or Qatar is devoid of its angles and its many students and lovers. And those who belong to it:

Sheikh Hafiz Ezz Eddin Al – Farouqi.
Sheikh Ahmed Badawi.
Facebook Facebook logo Keep me logged in Abul Hassan Al – Shazly.
Sheikh Sayyed Abdullah Al-Haraki Husseini cousin.
Sheikh Najm al – Din al – Asfahani Sheikh Imam Ibrahim al – Desouki.
Sheikh Ahmed Alwan Al – Maliki.
Hafiz Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti.
Sheikh Muqdad bin Mohammed al – Rifai.
Sheikh Aqeel Al-Nabeji.
Sheikh Ali Alkhawas.
God knows Mr. Ahmed.
Sheikh Yusuf Al-Rifai.

♥The scholars said about him
The judge, Abu Shuja al-Shafi’i, the author of the famous text in the jurisprudence of Shafi’i, Imam al-Rafa’i said: “Imam al-Sheikh Abu Shuja al-Shafi’i told me in his narration that he was a great scholar, a solid mountain, A knowledgeable man of his time with the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, and his work by them, by sea of ​​the sailor of the law, a sword of the Swords of God, and heir to the morals of his grandfather the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him.
Shaykh Ibn al-Atir al-Jazri: It was valid with great acceptance in people, and has countless students.
Of the jurisprudent Salah al-Din Safadi, where he said: Imam al-Kidwa, the worshiper of the ascetic, Sheikh of the knowledgeable.
The modern Sheikh Abdul Samie Al Hashimi Al Wasiti: Mr. Ahmed was one of the ayatollahs.
Sheikh Sheikh Mansoor al-Bataaihi, where he said: and I weighed all my friends and me also pleased all of us.
Ibn Khalkhan, where he said: was a good man, Vkihha Shafi’i doctrine.
Ibn al-Imam al-Hanbali, where he said: Sheikh al-Zahid al-Kidwa.
Ibn Qadi Shahba, where he mentioned in the layers of the Shaafa’is and his promise of their Faqihm.
Imam Taj al-Din al-Sabki, where he said: Sheikh al-Zahid al-Kabir is one of the parents of Allah who know and those who are adherents of the noble people.
Sheikh Abdul Wahab al-Sha’rani, where he said: It is the largest relief and the most famous pole, one of the pillars of the road and the imams of the knowledgeable who met the nation on their imamate and belief.

♥His death
When Imam Ahmad was 66 years old, he suffered from abdominal disease (severe diarrhea) and remained ill for more than a month, and was seriously ill with severe pain without vomiting or complaining. He continued to perform the acts of worship that he used as much as he could until he passed away on Thursday 12 Jumada I, 578 AH, and was buried in the dome of his grandfather Sheikh Yahya al-Bukhari in his hometown of Um Ubaida, and was a day majestic.


Many of them mention the dignity of the famous and veiled kissing the hand of the Prophet peace be upon him and hear the voice of the Sharif, while Imam Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti in the proof of this dignity, which read: Sheikh Sheikh Islam Sheikh Kamal al-Imam Imam Kamiliyah, Sheikh Sheikh Sheikh Imam Shams al-Din al-Jazri, On the Sheikh Sheikh Sheikh Zayn al-Din Al-Maraghi, the Sheikh of Sheikhs modern hero preacher al-Faqih reciter interpreter Imam al-Kidwa argument Sheikh Izz al-Din al-Faruti al-Wasti, his father, the original professor Sheikh Sheikh Abi Ishaq Ibrahim al-Faruthi, his father, Imam of the scholars and modernists and the elder of the poor Sheikh Ahmad Al-Rifa’i Al-Husseini (may Allah be pleased with him), the year of the fifty-five thousand year that God estimated his pilgrimage, when the city of the Prophet peace be upon him Peace be upon you, my grandfather. “He said to him:” Peace be upon you, my son. “He heard this all in the Prophet’s Mosque. The presence of our master Sayyid Ahmad and Ar’ad and his yellow color. And he fell on his knees, and then he arose, and cried, and that was long, and said, His grandfathers:

In the case of my spiritual dimension I sent her to accept the land from me and she is my deputy

This is the state of the ghosts that I have come to, and I will stretch out your right hand to receive my lips

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) extended his honorable and perfumed hand from his well-known tomb of Al-Azhar. He accepted it in filling some 90,000 men and people looking at the honorable hand. He was in the mosque with the pilgrims, Sheikh Hayat Ibn Qais al-Harani, Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jaili, Uday bin Musafir al-Shami, and others have benefited us by their science and honor with them to see the hand of Muhammadiyah. On the same day, Shaykh Hayyat bin Qais al-Harani wore the rag of Mr. Ahmad al-Kabeer and was included in the chain of his companions.

And his dignity more than to limit it and in this enough to show the height of this Imam Jalil may Allah be pleased with him and benefit us and Muslims with his blessings.

عن كريم الرفاعي

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